Monday, March 2, 2015
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Cinfully Scented Candles


Cinfully Scented Candles

Cindy Fraser is sole owner of this home based business started in 2002.

I started candle making when I went to a candle supplier with a friend and discovered all natural palm wax. The properties of this unique wax, with it's starburst affect on candles was beautiful, from this I started making candles with a lot of work looking for the right suppliers for wicks and fragrances.  My candles are made with all natural palm wax. They are eco-friendly, biodegradeable - they are not petroleum based like other waxes - clean burning.

Mission Statement:

My mission is to make the best scented candles that everyone will love!! and I guarantee my product, for any reason there is an issue with wicks not burning properly, send it back and I will replace your product.

Facts About Wax:

Beeswax, Soy, Palm Wax - All Natural Waxes

Parrafin - petroleum based

Enjoy your Candles.